A variety of research studies have been conducted, published, and presented in three general areas with the focus on individual well-being through wellness & self-care, career meaning & satisfaction, and multicultural spirituality in counseling.

Wellness & Self-Care

Career satisfaction and personal well-being is found to be related to effective self-care strategies. Having a balanced life and maintaining a good wellness plan, can impact all areas of an individual (body, mind & spirit) as well as all areas of life such as work, family, friends, and more. The wellness and self-care research studies described here include programs in wellness, yoga, and mindfulness.

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Career Meaning and Satisfaction

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” (attributed to Confucius). For decades, individuals have been encouraged to follow their bliss, pursue their dreams, and find work they love because there is a positive connection between meaningful work and improved wellness. The research studies described here have focused on the importance of career meaning on satisfaction and well-being, what drives people to certain careers, and why they stay.

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Multicultural Spirituality

An individual’s spiritual or religious beliefs are often central to their outlook on life and their personal well-being. Therefore, it is imperative for counselors to acknowledge and help clients in a way that is aligned with those beliefs so they can meet clients where they are. To help counselors gain more comfort with the variety of spiritual and religious philosophies and issues in counseling, these research studies were focused on exploring this area more.