Meaning & Purpose

Much of my interest and research focused on how finding meaning and purpose in your life leads to improved well-being. I always believed in following my dreams and have followed those to new careers, hobbies, travels, relationships, and other activities that have made life more meaningful. I also spent years encouraging others to follow their dreams as well. While teaching at the university, counseling clients, or chatting with friends, I know that when people are excited about what they are doing and they find meaning in it, they are more fulfilled and successful. Research actually shows that finding meaning or purpose in your life leads to more happiness, improved wellness, longer lifespans, great relationships, and even more money. For example, in one study of 1500 business school graduates1

Money tree
  • 83% started their careers with the goal of making money first so they could follow their dreams later.
  • The remaining 17% wanted to follow their dreams, believing that the money would eventually follow. 
  • After twenty years, there were 101 millionaires.
  • Can you guess how many of them came from the group who pursued the money?
  • You might be surprised to find that only 1 came from that group…
  • The remaining 100 millionaires came from the small group who followed their dreams!
  • That means that 39% of that group were not only happy in their career direction, but they also became wealthy pursuing a career they loved.

I think far too many people settle when they could be out there living their dreams. Therefore, one of my dreams is to help others realize their dreams. I feel that if everyone pursued something meaningful in their life such as a purposeful career, fulfilling relationship, and/or nourishing activities, we would have a world of much happier and healthier people!

If you want help exploring your values, interests, personality, skills, life experiences, or family and social influences so you can identify the career, relationships, and activities that provide you the most meaning, check out the submenus on this tab.

1Blotnick, S. (1982). Getting Rich Your Own Way. New York: Jove Books.