University Courses Taught

Western Kentucky University

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Graduate courses taught as faculty
CNS 500 College & Career Readiness Foundations (2018-2021)
CNS 501 College & Career Consultation and Collaboration (2017-2020)
CNS 502 College & Career Program Development and Evaluation (2018-2021)
CNS 503 College & Career Readiness Practicum (2019-2021)
CNS 554 Group Counseling (2015-2021)
CNS 556 Developmental Career Counseling (2015-2021)
CNS 560 Professional Studies in Clinical, Family and School Counseling (2014-2020)
CNS 591 Practicum Supervision (2015-2020)
CNS 596 Internship Supervision (2014-2021)
CNS 598 Research and Program Evaluation in Counseling (2017)

University of Florida

Graduate courses co-taught with faculty
MHS 6340 Career Development (2013)
MHS 6480 Developmental Counseling Over the Lifespan (2010)
MHS 6061 Integrating Spiritual & Multicultural Competencies into Counseling (2010)
MHS 5005 Introduction to Counseling (2009)
MHS 6720 Professional Identity and Ethics (2008)

Undergraduate courses taught as sole instructor
­SDS 3340 Career & Lifespan Development Instructor (2006–2008; 2012)
­SLS 2302  Job Strategies Instructor (2006)

Special thanks to Bryant Hawkins (artist) for creating the wonderful designs found on this page that were created for the University of Florida Career & Lifespan Development class that I taught for several years. Also, a thanks to Scott Roberts ( who served as my teaching assistant for my final semester and donated t-shirts to the entire class so they could advertise that they are following their dreams!

"Florida Gators follow their dreams"