Understand Yourself

Let Peace Fill Your Body

“Do not look for sanctuary
in anyone but yourself”

~ The Buddha ~

Values: Prioritize the Things You Value Most
Interests: Identify Your Interests and Preferences
Personality: Discover Your Personality
Skills: Determine the Skills You Want to Use
Lifeline: Using Your Past Experiences to Create Your Future
Family and Social Influences: Understand How the People in Your Life Could be Encouraging or Distracting You

Although most people would agree that they want to be successful, success is not defined by monetary wealth alone. By exploring the depths of “success,” you can realize that it has a different definition for everyone and a very specific definition for you. For some people, success revolves around money and power; for others, it represents simplicity and time with family. I encourage you to define your definition of success on your path to experiencing a career and life you love. You can better narrow that definition by understanding yourself through exploring your values, interests, personality, skills, life experiences, or family and social Influences.

The resource links above can be useful in helping you identify the things you value most, your interests and preferences, how your personality can explain your preferred environments, the skills you most want to use, how past experiences can help you discover what future experiences you want to have, and how family and social influencers can be encouraging or discouraging you from achieving your ideal life.

After you better understand yourself better, consider strategies to explore, practice, and complete a successful search in your journey to finding a career or life you love.

If you want to learn more about where some of these ideas stemmed, check out a summary of some common career theories.